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    Kathleen A. Romero is here to educate, diagnose, and rehabilitate individuals affected by hearing loss.

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    About Dr. Romero

    Dr. Kathleen Romero has 14+ years of Audiology experience & continued studies, and in order to better serve, help, rehabilitate and educate her patients, has opened her own practice in the great city of Albuquerque. At Audiology Associates, we are dedicated to providing each patient with the best experience possible. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of each patient and making sure they understand their hearing loss as well as all of their options. Our staff are native of New Mexico, bilingual in English and Spanish, and understand the importance of treating everyone that comes to our office like family.

    What is an Audiologist?

    Audiologists are responsible for diagnosing and treating hearing and balance problems using advanced technology and procedures. Since hearing loss can be different from person to person, professional diagnoses and treatments are key. A regular visit to an audiologist can help prevent further hearing loss and rehabilitate existing hearing loss. Treatment can vary depending on the cause and severity of the hearing loss and only a visit to an audiologist can determine the severity and identify the cause of hearing loss.

    Who Can I Get a Hearing Aid From?

    There are three types of professionals that can fit you with a hearing aid. A doctor of Audiology (AuD), an Audiologist with a master’s degree in Audiology (MA), and a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS), there is no degree needed to become a BC-HIS however they are certified by a state board. Although all three can be experienced in fitting hearing aids, it is important for patients to know which type of professional they are seeing. This is the first step in building a lasting relationship with the person you are trusting with your hearing.

    Quick Facts About Hearing Loss

    • Hearing aids are electronic, battery-powered devices that assist individuals who suffer from hearing loss.
    • In order to maximize the potential of your hearing aids and ensure a proper fit, a customization from your audiologist is the best way.
    • Hearing aids come in multiple colors to match your hair or skin type. There are even tiny hearing aids that fit in your ear canal.
    • A hearing aid consists of a microphone, alongside a receiver and an amplifier.
    • The earlier you address the symptoms of hearing loss, the more likely you are to avoid irreversible damage.
    • Over 90 percent of hearing aid users are satisfied with their devices, and most report a better quality of life when wearing them.

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    Dr. Kathleen Romero on New Mexico Living

    Dr. Kathleen Romero joined Kasa Fox 2’s New Mexico Living on March 15th, 2017 to talk about hearing aids for the For Your Information segment. Host Carmelina Hart and Dr. Romero discussed how hearing aids have progressed in both design as well as becoming interconnected with other technology. Please enjoy the video segment from the show and if you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

    At Audiology Associates we care about our community and are always looking for ways we can help care for the hearing of the people who make up our community.

    Click on the image to the right to watch our segment!


    Dr. Kathleen Romero & Audiology Associates in the News

    KOB TV 4 ran a story on our own Dr. Kathleen Romero and how she developed custom noise protection for firefighters. The protective inserts are custom-molded, form-fitting foam protectors that are adjustable for different levels of noise. These custom inserts are designed to be easy to put in, easy to take out. Dr. Romero designed them to hang securely from the firefighter’s uniform collar with a clip on the connecting cord so they’re always ready.

    At Audiology Associates, we care about our community and are always looking for ways we can help care for the hearing of the people who make up our community.

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