“Dr. Romero has been instrumental in enhancing the quality of my life. I was in a state of despair after hearing loss did not allow me to enjoy certain aspects of my life. After being referred to her by my primary care provider, she explained to me the nature of my inability to hear certain sounds. She explained that technology exists that could help with my hearing loss. After consultation over a period of time, she was able to fine tune hearing aids that allowed me to enjoy music, theater and other pleasures that had been robbed from me by hearing loss. Though the hearing aids seemed expensive, her explanation of the various technological levels of the aids kept me from purchasing more than necessary. I am grateful for her help. Though I wish that I had never experienced hearing loss, her service to me has restored much of what had been lost.”

Michael Lundmark

Audiology Associates is a leading Hearing Aid Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our staff are from New Mexico, and understand the importance of treating everyone that comes to our office like family.

Dr. RomeroDr. Kathleen A. Romero was born and raised in Mora NM and is bilingual in English and Spanish. She graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2004 and received her doctorate in Audiology from Arizona State University. Dr. Romero has been practicing Audiology in Albuquerque for 9 years. Audiology Associates was founded from a desire to give New Mexicans a locally owned, professional, patient centered Audiology clinic.

At Audiology Associates we are dedicated to providing each patient with the best experience possible. We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of each patient and making sure they understand their hearing loss as well as all of their options. Hearing aids are the most common solution to hearing loss but this is just one piece to the process of successful treatment. Wearing hearing aids should be a pressure free decision.

Comprehensive care is essential, that is why at Audiology Associates we work directly with several specialists to give our patients the most complete evaluation and treatment plan possible. We also work with several hearing aid manufactures to make sure our patients always have the best options available.

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Dr. Dena Fahlquist

Dr. Fahlquist grew up in San Diego, CA, but moved to New Mexico in high school. She graduated with her Bachelors of Arts degrees in both Speech in Hearing Sciences and Psychology from the University of New Mexico. She received her doctorate in Audiology in June 2016 from Rush University in Chicago, IL. Her personal family experiences and a desire to make an impact on the quality of life for individuals with hearing loss has led Dr. Fahlquist to have a passion for hearing rehabilitation and hearing conservation. She is dedicated to giving individuals the tools they need to improve their communication and connection with others. In her free time, Dr. Fahlquist enjoys painting, hiking with her husband and dog and spending time with her family.


Rachael Rael
Patient Care Coordinator

My name is Rachael Rael. I am a native New Mexican and though I hail from Grants I have made my home here in Albuquerque for the last 9 years. I have held several jobs since moving here but was never quite able to find the niche I had been searching for until I started here in April 2016. Never have I started a new job where I felt immediately at home and completely welcomed until I came here. I know that my passion for helping people will be fulfilled here at Audiology Associates.